Services & Specialties

At Patesco, our passion is about open and clear definition of healthcare information technology. We believe in standards, methodologies and in the employment of best practices being the cornerstone of every successful implementation of electronic health systems. We are proud of our attention to detail and our obsession with documentation, which guarantees the best results for our clients.

Health informatics is a very wide spectrum. At one end is the coding schemas like LOINC and SNOMED, which then goes on to be the basis of messaging standards like HL7 and DICOM, that finally create EHR and EMR repositories. there are numerous standards and methodologies in place, from national standards like Canadian iEHR to international ISO 13606. there are technologies like smart cards that are used in some countries like Germany and France to provide the security and protection needed for the health records. the names, acronyms and protocols are so numerous and so extensive that they can easily exhaust the resources of any given company, and that is where we come in, saving them time and money in finding their perfect fit.


  • Project management using a spectrum of methodologies from Agile to RUP
  • Process framework optimization using IBM Eclipse EPF
  • Business requirement analysis and logical design for electronic health solutions
  • Design and implementation of health information technology solutions
  • Consultation and conduct to acquire ISO, ANSI, NCPDP, CCHIT and other certifications
  • Design and implementation of Health Data Quality Management Management frameworks for surveillance of epidemiological data
  • Integration and interoperability solutions such as integration of wide area networks of multiple vendor health solutions as well as migration tools between different solutions

What makes us different?

At Patesco, we are proud to be up to date, flexible and responsive. We embrace the paradigm of our client's company and insist on delivering what they want and what they need at the same time. Our multidimensional team has the unique talent of bridging between gaps that experts in different fields of BI, CRM and security typically create for healthcare organizations.

Our commitment to quality care leads to innovative approaches that better serve our customers. From providing consultation on methodology and team building that lead to better health and lower costs, to developing a solution that far exceeds national standards, you will find Patesco to be far superior to other consultation firms in healthcare.


  • Electronic Health Records: EHR is a patient-centric record of all pertinent health data about an individual, from before they are born to after their death. EHR is a broad concept that overarches the health institutions and is most often misunderstood. Patesco experts, with years of experience in real EHR initiatives such as Canada Health Infoway iEHR blueprint and UK OpenEHR, are the most valuable source of information for this subject.
  • e-Prescription: eliminating wait times, fraud, human error and waste are just samples of how e-prescription is useful in the context of healthcare. Patesco team has been working with the NCPDP standard for nearly a decade and are the go to people for fast and cost effective implementation of e-prescription
  • Health Smart Cards: Smart cards are popping up everywhere. banks, shops, offices, and companies are recognizing the security and protective benefits of smart cards daily. Our team members who have been key operators of German Gesundheit Card (Gematik) and French Sesame-Vitale are fully experienced to answer all questions related to use of this new and innovative technology in healthcare domains.
  • Health Data Warehouses and BI: Business Intelligence is the one and only solution to save huge and distributed health organizations from going bankrupt under the crushing costs of service. With our experts who have been in the field form its early years, We have helped health organizations with adopting the BI paradigm and implementing the best of solutions available in the market