Our Company

Using a team of experienced, passionate and collaborative healthcare business and technology professionals, we help clients develop and implement successful solutions that achieve the promise of patient-centered, digital healthcare. For each project, we connect vision with technology. We find that our customers embrace our solutions because we deliver positive results. We always work in their best interests, regardless of vendor and regardless of the technology fad of the day.
  • We engage in active cooperation with relevant stakeholders to ensure the adoption and implementation of standards
  • We help implement interoperability of electronic health record systems as an integral part of regional and national eHealth strategies
  • We analyse the risks, barriers or missing elements in relation to achieving cross-border interoperability of electronic health record systems
  • We usher strong involvement of users and other stakeholders in establishing adequate governance, management, public-private partnerships, public procurement, planning, implementation, evaluation, training, information and education
  • We raise awareness among relevant stakeholders such as local and regional authorities, health professionals, patients and industry of the benefits and need for inter­ operability of electronic health record systems.
Our company comprises a highly experienced team with a wide spectrum of skills in planning, developing and implementing information and communications systems.  The team has a record of successful assignments over many years for state and federal health departments and associated agencies, public and private health services, as well as health information and communcations system suppliers, both in Canada and overseas

Lack of interoperability of electronic health record systems is one of the major obstacles for realising the social and economic benefits of eHealth in the Community. Market fragmentation in eHealth is aggravated by the lack of technical and semantic inter­ operability. The health information and communication systems and standards currently used in Canada are often incompatible and do not facilitate access to vital information for provision of safe and good quality healthcare across different healthcare providers.