OSCAR BC Vollies release Billing Module!

The OSCAR Vollies have released the version 2.0 of BC Billing module! this is a UI to rules and regulations announced by the government of British Columbia here:

A demo version is available here:

and the project website can be found over here:

Way to go OSCAR Volunteers! Patesco is proud to be associated with this great team and project. We look forward to witnessing your continued success and accomplishments! 

Practice Based Research Networks Help BC doctors

We are cooperating to promote OSCAR in the fields of telemedicine and population health. our current design consists of integration of practices along the province in a patient-centric manner. The feedback has been very good and the newly created society has accepted our design as a milestone in the project. 

Taking ePrescription to the next level!

Our client has just decided to re-hire us to update their previous implementation of NCPDP to the new version that is to be released at April 1st, 2011. Here is our vision that they have accepted for this endeavour.  

Business and Technical Requirements of interoperability of EMRs in BC

    We have prepared an overview of the standards and protocols in place in the field of health informatics in Canada, and have devised a 10 step plan for the integration of practices across the province.

Here is a peek on the document, the hierarchy of standards in Canada and how they are maintained.

Data Quality Management Framework for BC Health Authorities

Based on CIHI's requirements for Data Quality Management frameworks, a practical logical design was developed to accommodate the requirements by National and Provincial organizations. The design takes into account audit trails and quality assurances required for ISO standard accreditation as well.

Design to be deployed as a reliable source of truth for BI engines, the design is compatible with all OLAP providers in the market. here is a sneak peek: