Why Use Us!

The field of health information technology is ever changing. A close second after military information technology, what has come to be known as e-health is filled with standards, solutions, methodologies and, of course,  controversies.  

eHealth domain is like a pharmacy. It is filled with solutions just like a pharmacy is filled with drugs. However, a patient can not just go in and start taking the medications one by one just because one of them is the answer to their problem. They need doctors and pharmacists to help them select the best drug for their specific problem.

Patesco experts are like that when it comes to eHealth solutions. They select the best fit for your situation from the myriad of choices that are available, help you through the road map to implement them efficiently with ease and agility.   

Our Experience Shows!

Patesco is a Latin word that means "Open and Revealed". We selected this name to underline our commitment to transparency and accountability. Whether you are looking for electronic health records or smart card insurance systems, we would provide you with an objective comparison of your options, and stand by you all the way as you make your decisions and we turn them into reality! 

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